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  1. Rev Duncan magero Gumo says:

    We are blessed as the East and Central Africa to be part Northwestern Christian University, Northwestern theological seminary under Bishop Dr Jefferson Ghauri, indeed we are honoured to be part of a leading a quality theological education provider, Northwestern theological seminary has equipped and is equipping many Bishop’s, Pastors and Church leaders in Africa and great enough like for free, we thank God for making Bishop Dr Jefferson Ghauri visit Africa with this great educational opportunity, May God Almighty open doors for this Institute and it’s directors and founders,
    Yours in Christ service
    Rev Dr Duncan magero Gumo

  2. Jose Mari Soria Sarita says:

    I am praying to study masteral degree for free. I am a Pastor and needs tolearn scriptures to teach to congregations.

    I need help.for equiping and becoming better servant of God.

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