Faculty Members

Northwestern Theological Seminary Faculty members are available in these countries where you can contact with them for getting admission in Biblical courses.

 DrBishop.Dr.Jefferson Ghauri – Vice President  Bishop.Dr.SarkelaBishop.Dr.Howard Sarkela-Presiding Bishop  Bishop.Galloza

Bishop.Dr.Samuel Galloza -President NTS

 Dr. Ezra SundayDr.Ezrah Jowoh Liberia
 Marcus Salubi

Bishop.Dr.Macus Benson Ireland

 Lawrence AderaRev.Lawrance Adera Kenya

 David Botchway

Rev.David Botchway Ghana
 Chris C Chidume

Dr.Chris Chidume Togo
 Martin mwanbu

Bishop.Martin Mwanbu  Kenya
 Galilee Jefferson

Rev.Galilee Perilus Haiti
 Dev Kumar

Rev.Deu Limbu Nepal
 Michael wafula

Bishop.Michael Wafula Kenya
 Sudarman D silvaRev.Sudarman D Silva Srilanka  SolomonBishop.Solomon Okoro  Benin  Josph Kiemo MachariaBishop.Joseph Macharia Kenya
 Monginkhosi MasekoRev.Bonginkhosi Maseko Swaziland
 Okello MiltonRev.Okello Ebek Uganda  Thoma OkinyoBishop.Thomas Okinyi Kenya
 Tadele AseaRev.Tadela Asefa Ethiopia  Tamba howardRev.Tamba Job Sierra Leone  Tom LanteiRev.Tom Lintae Kenya
 Martin ChamaRev.Martin Chama  Zambia  Badjene YaotseRev.Prince Badjine Togo  David IsahRev.David Ifoto Nigeria

1 Response to Faculty

  1. bishop joseph macharia says:

    thank you very much for the good work you are doing, we support you

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